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(Inspector) - When children discover themselves, they will feel more confident, not feeling inferior (in some ways, to someone). Children will find that respecting others' abilities and being confident about their abilities is the best, in other words, is true happiness. Learning is the process to realize that. Education is the process of creating happiness & helping children find their own happiness.

Iris School - Luồng sinh khí mới cho giáo dục phổ thông tại Thái Nguyên

Children learn happily - the key to a successful door

From that point of view, Thai Hung Trading Joint Stock Company has invested in establishing Iris School in Crown Villas urban area. Thai Hung has dedicated to investing this project to bring the ideal learning environment for general education in Thai Nguyen.

Education with the creation of happiness

Many people have raised questions about common characteristics among very developed countries like Finland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, Japan ... The answer is: They all have an advanced & humanities education.

People ask more specific questions about the common characteristics of education in these countries? The answer is: They all help children feel happy.

The story here is in the keyword "Happiness".

People will feel happy and enjoy doing what they want. Nobody can be excited to do things that they don't like. Learning is the same, children are only happy when learning what they like. Every imposition only makes things easy to "slip off the track." Therefore, one of the very important factors of education is to help learners find excitement, voluntarily learn to explore, actively capture and conquer new knowledge. That is the educational principle associated with happiness.

Albert Einstein once shared a very meaningful and interesting thing: "Everyone in the world is intelligent, but if you judge the intelligence of a fish through its ability to climb trees, the fish with all its life will believe that it was a foolish fish ".

Parents, have you ever compared your children to the others’, do you want your child to be a role model like celebrities? If we still keep those thoughts in mind, it means that we are holding back the own natural and the most appropriate development of your children.

Each child is a unique subject. Some have “word smart”, some have “picture smart”, number/reasoning smart, body smart, music smart, people smart,.. In fact, a child may have qualities in many areas at the same time, but their level is different. And that level in each child is of course different. The problem is how to make every child confident to discover himself, to promote his strengths best.

Do not let children feel pressure, fear, guilt, which are important things of a foundation of human education, progress and fairness. The old educational methods as imposing, discriminatory, and compulsive are misconceptions and needed to be changed. Let children learn happily - that will be the key to change, the key to opening the door of success.

New life stream from the first international standard education model in Thai Nguyen

People often only think about the price to pay if they change, but actually the price to pay if they don’t change is much expensive. Determining this rule, Iris School pioneered the change to receive and develop. This is the first school in Thai Nguyen with international standards, modern management and operation model, approaching to the development and integration of the era.

Iris School pioneered to receive education 4.0 in Thai Nguyen

As a general high school private international standard, including pre-school (from 3 - 6 years old) and General Education (Primary, Secondary, High School), Iris School for the first time brings to Thai Nguyen general education a real difference. The core value is the school’s "6 in 1" model: Standard of the Ministry of Education and Training; personality education program; physical education program; English program (English as a second language - ESL, integrated English Math and English for Science); life skills training program; Arts program (music, arts). In parallel with the educational program is a system of utilities: Kitchen - standard dining room; insurance and school health care; bus service.

Iris School wants to do everything for students to be self-reliant, excited, happy without worrying about class pressure, especially without having to go to extra classes. Instead, they have the best opportunity to express their personal abilities, gain solid knowledge, positive life skills, self-confidence and independent consciousness to succeed in the future, especially outstanding English ability to be ready to enter the era of integration.

Right from the name of the school was contained the enthusiasm and strategic orientation of the school management. Iris has a lot of human meaning. In English, IRIS stands for: Independence - Respect - Integrity - Service. These keywords contain the message of the core values, the foundation that the school wants to create and prepare for its students. These are also positive factors that people in the modern integration era need to cultivate if they want to develop comprehensively.

Admissions information of Iris School attracts attention of parents

Iris' educational model applies advanced teaching methods to equip students with basic knowledge, practical skills, value of life and good personal qualities. Iris' dominant and prominent method is based on the principle of "not imposing", encouraging and promoting autonomy, technology application, especially focusing on practical and creative experiences.

With an educational philosophy that identifies students as unique individuals with different talents, the teacher is the one who helps them discover their abilities and strengths, becoming themselves excellently. Iris School chose the view of education as the process of learning to think through practice on practical issues, harmonious education of the whole mind - soul - physical. In order to create a positive learning environment, Iris School invests in modern facilities for students to enjoy comfortablly and friendly learning conditions such as: 4-season swimming pool, functional classrooms (gym, music room, painting ...).

Remarkably, Iris School also attaches great importance to caring about health, physical, nutrition regimes suitable for each age group. Food sources have selected to ensure food hygiene and safety, nutritional staff are well-trained, menu are variety from European and Asian dishes to vegetarian.

We hope Iris School will accompany with every student to enjoy every single moment of the present life and support students to build their own happy future.


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