Thai Nguyen: Thai Hung enterprises pay attention on human resources


(TN&MT) – Pay enough attention to care and train human resources is considered a decisive factor for sustainable development of Thai Hung Trading Joint Stock Company for almost 30 years.


Due to the authorization of the President, Mr. Tran Quoc To-Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Head of Thai Nguyen National Assembly Delegation awarded the Third Class Labor Medal to Mrs. Nguyen Thi Vinh - General Director of Thai Hung Trading Joint Stock Company (January 2019).

Thai Hung Trading Joint Stock Company, formerly known as Thai Hung Metal Service Private Enterprise, was established on May 22, 1993 according to Decision No. 291/QD-UB of Bac Thai Provincial People's Committee (now Thai Nguyen province). ). In 2003, in order to gradually integrate and sustainably develop, aim to multi-disciplinary business and parent - subsidiary company model, the enterprise has changed its name to Thai Hung Trading JSC,. Starting a business with an amount of less than 60 million VND and 80m2 including warehouse and office, the company had tottally only 9 employees, who were covered every duties from storekeepers, cashiers, accountants delivering goods, loading & unloading, etc. At that time, company’s annual revenue did not reached 300 million VND / year; the average income was only a few hundred thousand dong/person/month.


Thai Hung Trading Joint Stock Company always takes care of its employees


In order to build a growing business, the Board of Directors of the Company has implemented reforms of innovative, dynamic, dare to think, dare to do by investing in the most advanced science and technology. Besides, the company implement synchronous management skills, taking human resources as core of sustainable development of the Company. Therefore, from a small metal service business, Thai Hung has gradually become a large multi-industry economic group: Thai Hung Trading Joint Stock Company is honored to be in Top 500 Vietnamese largest enterprises, Top 20 Vietnamese largest private enterprises, the only company in Thai Nguyen province in the Top 1,000 Vietnam biggest tax payers (in 2017), Top 500 largest enterprises by revenue..


 Pay attention to officials and employees’ family, create the close connection with labor forces

Nearly 30 years of construction and development, from the lack of infrastructure, manpower, small scale, tiny market shares, up to now, with a charter capital of VND 1,000 billion VND, the average annual revenue from VND 15,000 - 18,000 billion (equivalent to USD 650 million - 780 million) to the state budget from VND 450 - 650 billion, Thai Hung is a multi-disciplinary corporation. It is now doing business in: manufacturing & trading construction steel, steel billet, metal scrap, books & cultural products, forest products; logistics, hotels services; processing forest products; invest in education & real estate.

Currently, Thai Hung is investing in real estate and education areas with Gia Sang urban complex (Crown Villas). The project has a scale of over 35 hectares with a total investment of over VND 2,100 billion.

Over nearly 30 years of construction and development, Thai Hung has built up a workforce of over 500 people with skills & experiences. Thai Hung has also built a reputation in the hearts of its customers. Its distribution network spread all over the world with more than 2000 customers in nearly 50 countries. Its import and export annual turnover of about 150-200 million USD.

In addition to business development, the Company also pays special attention to the development of human resources, training highly skilled and professional employees and attracting good management forces. As a result, the Company now has hundreds of workers with college and university degrees; dozens of people have master's and doctoral degrees. Each year, the company promotes innovation and creativity in management, in labor and has collected many high quality applied scientific research projects to serve better production and business.

mr hien

Workers are equipped with protection, working in a safe environment

mr thuc

In order to pay attention to the staff, employees, the Board of Management has built and strictly implemented the democratic regulations in the unit. The company always creates favorable conditions for employees to know, be consulted, to decide and supervise issues related to rights, benefits, obligations and responsibilities of employees. Improving the responsibilities and obligations of Employers to Employees; create conditions for the political and socio-political organizations of the Company to operate in accordance with the law in implementing democratic rights for employees. Establishing a harmonious and stable labor relationship, contributing to preventing and limiting labor disputes in the production process,

In 2018, the grassroots democracy regulation in the Company continued to be well implemented, the employees were assured of working and loyal with the enterprise. Workers are cared for their lives, ensuring social insurance and health insurance; safe working environment, ensuring working environment. The company regularly organizes cultural, arts and sports activities, creates a playground for workers with friendly exchange conditions.

The timely encouragement has motivated and promoted the creativity of employees, dedicate their strength and intellect to develop businesses. Thai Hung's collective labor force has brought the mature enterprise to reach many noble awards of the Party and State such as: First-class, Second-class, Third-class Labor Medal; 9 government emulation flags and more than 300 other awards from authorities from central to local levels.

The secret of Thai Hung's success is to promote the potential of high quality human resources, create motivation for business development in the new era, persistently implement the oriented objectives: "Stable, developing, ensuring harmonize the three benefits: State, company and employee”. Promoting good traditions, bring Thai Hung to new development opportunities.

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