Spreading the love of work


On January 8th, 2019, at the conference to review the directing of political tasks implementation in 2018, implementing some key tasks in 2019 organized by Thai Nguyen city Party Committee, Thai Hung Trading Joint Stock Company and 3 individuals with outstanding achievements in 2018 were rewarded. They are: Nguyen Xuan Thuc - Electric worker, Mr. Nguyen Van Hung - Excavator worker and Mr. Pham Van Hien - Car repair worker.


Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thuc checked the electrical system at the Company

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thuc was born in 1989, had nearly 8 years working at Thai Hung. He graduated from Thai Nguyen College of Electrical Engineering. In 2012, after learning about Thai Hung JSC., he applied and was accepted to work in Thai Hung as an electric and water worker. In the course of his work, Mr. Thuc continued to improve his professional skills, he often coordinated with his colleagues in the same field to inspect the safety of the electricity and water systems and plan for timely maintenance and repair in order to ensure a stable electricity and water system, minimizing the impact on the working process of departments, units throughout Thai Hung system. Since 2016, he has been continuously rewarded by the company. In which, he continuously won the title of advanced labor, in 2018, he was voted as an Emulation soldier at grassroots level.


Mr. Nguyen Van Hung is currently an excavator driver - Logistics Department

There was also a working time equivalent to that of Mr. Thuc, Mr. Nguyen Van Hung is currently a company’s excavator driver in Logistic Department, Mr. Hung is known to have been a senior driver for more than 14 years experienced, in which, more than half of his time he worked for Thai Hung Trading JSC. Mr. Hung is a diligent person, always ready to receive and fulfill well the assigned tasks. Especially at this stage, when Thai Hung Crown Villas New Urban Area is being urgently implemented, the positive and proactive work of Mr. Hung and his colleagues have been making an important contribution to help the project achieved timeline scheduled. Working in Thai Hung, Mr. Hung has consistently won the title of Progressive Labor from 2016 onwards, in 2018, he is an Emulation Soldier at grassroots level. Mr. Hung said: “The operation of excavator operation is a heavy and hard work, often working outdoors. However, I and my colleagues always receive prompt encouragement from the leaders of the Company”.


Mr. Pham Van Hien during working hours

Together with Mr. Thuc, Mr. Hung, Mr. Hien was rewarded by the Provincial People's Committee in 2018 and he is currently the Head of the Car Repair Group - Logistics Departmenr with 17 employees. In his position, Mr. Hien always upholds the sense of responsibility & exemplary. Mr. Hien's department has the main task of repairing and maintaining 83 trucks of the Company regularly. Although the workload is big, Mr. Hien has many specific solutions, managing high-performance jobs such as: Arranging, assigning appropriate tasks to each person in the department, conducting follow-up notes, regularly updating vehicle repair & maintain schedule... From there, contributing to ensuring the trucks operate stably and safely, meeting the demand of good transport of the company.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thuc, Nguyen Van Hung and Pham Van Hien are just 3 of many individuals currently working in Thai Hung with excellent achievements and are rewarded by the authoritie. Although they’re in different working positions, they always try to overcome difficulties and fulfill their tasks for common development, enthusiastically participating in company’s activities, executing good internal rules and regulations, favored and trusted by colleagues.

The award that individuals are honored to receive is a worthy recognition from business leaders and local authorities. This is a source of encouragement and motivation to help them continue working for the growth of Thai Hung. They are beautiful flowers that are contributing to spreading love and enthusiasm to Thai Hung workers in particular and the labor force in the whole province in general.


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