Iris School successfully organized workshop "Awakening the potential of children"


On April 6, Iris Kindergarten - Primary School – Middle School - High School (Iris School) located in Iris subdivision of Crown Villas Urban Area (No. 586 Gia Sang Ward, Thai Nguyen City) organized "Awakening the potential of children" workshop.

The workshop was successfully organized with the participation of provincial leaders and hundreds of parents in Thai Nguyen province.

At the workshop, participants listened to Mrs. Pham Thi Minh An - Principal of the Olympia Schools shared a lot of useful information about professor Howard Gardner's theory of Multi intelligences and how to awaken the potential of children, help children to develop comprehensively according to their abilities and strengths. This is one of the preeminent methods that Iris School will apply in teaching and learning when it is put into operation, in order to contribute to train students of all generations to have Bright-minded, Patience, Creation, Cooperation & Intergration.

The workshop attracted the attention of many parents and directly answered many relevant questions such as: Differences of Iris’s school program, the organization of teaching and learning clubs, and the concern about how transferred students from other schools can follow the new school program at Iris School?

On this occasion, the school organized a lucky draw and awarded 20 scholarships to parents attending the workshop.

This is the first activity that Iris School organized since officially issuing notice of enrollment for the 2019 - 2020 school year. According to the evaluation and comments of many parents, IRIS School has shown professionalism and synchronization from the very beginning, IRIS will be typical examples of the provincial education system, meeting the needs of students in a modern educational environment, oriented to international standards.

 Some photos at the Workshop:


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