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International trade is the indispensable trend of every economy. Early realized that, Thai Hung has pioneered in the field of import and export since the beginning of the 21st century. When Vietnam officially became the 150th member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) on 11 Jan, 2007 is also a time our import-export activities has developed to a new height and expanded relations and cooperation with most countries and territories around the world.

After nearly 20 years of operation in the field of import and export, Thai Hung has always been a big brand, prestigious not only in the domestic market, it is also well-known over the world. The evidence is that Thai Hung has a lot of transaction under the method of trust (DA – Documents against Acceptance), many large steel corporations in the world have paid attention to deeper cooperation as Joint Venture Factory To export goods in the world to Vietnam and together with Thai Hung to distribute to other countries ... (TSR Group, NIPPON, Cargill ...)

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Along with the formation and development, there are some outstanding achievements in the field of import and export that we have achieved, including:

-         Import - export commodity is diversiform: Billets / Construction Steel / Steel Coils / Steel Scrap / Pig iron/ Coal / Iron Ore ...

-         Total annual export-import turnover is around ~ 200 million USD. Imports always account for 10-12% of Vietnam's steel import market share each year.

-         Being the first company importing steel scrap from deep sea area by bulk with the weight over 30,000 tons of cargo arrived the North port.

-         Steel Billets product of Thai Hung has been accepted the origin and quality on the largest steel trading floor in the world (LME)

It is surely that, our export and import activities will have new breakthroughs as Thai Hung is on the way to develop into a multi-disciplinary group in the near future.