Crown Villas urban area won the 1st National Urban Planning Award


(Inspector) - Gia Sang project (Crown Villas Urban Area)’s General Planning, designed by Hoa Binh Design Consultant Company Limited (Hoa Binh Architects) was honored to receive the Bronze Award of the Urban Planning Award.

Hoa Binh Architects received the Bronze Award of Urban Planning Award in the framework.

Crown Villas urban area is currently in the process of construction with the investor of Thai Hung Trading Joint Stock Company.

 Ms. Vuong Kim Anh, Hoa Binh Architects Director shared, among about 200 projects involved, overcoming the 100th round with larger scale units, we are honored and proud to receive the Bronze Prize. Crown Villas Urban Area is not a very massive planning project but we are really invested to research carefully on the terrain and landscape as well as the socio-cultural history of the project. We have decided to choose the solution aims to form a smart, unique urban area to meet the needs of houses attached to on-site facilities in the fresh natural landscape.

Crown Villas has met all necessary and important criteria for a new and comfortable city. In which, General Planning of Crown Villas is a good answer to the issues of organizing living space, technical and social infrastructure system in a synchronous and modern direction, ensuring accessibility for civils and environmentally friendly. In addition, Crown Villas is highly appreciated by the Organization Board about its quality, feasibility, and especially the Urban area has attached the landscape with human activities with superior facilities.

 Ms. Nguyen Thi Vinh, General Director of Thai Hung Trading Joint Stock Company, emphasized that the achievement of Crown Villas Urban Area this time is a testament for Thai Hung & Hoa Binh Architects’s dedication for the project. The project shows Thai Hung's desire and vision in building a civilized and high-class urban area, contributing to changing the face of Thai Nguyen city and bringing a different living space to the locals.

With the planning area of ​​more than 350,000m2, the planning of the Crown Villas urban area creates a modern and environmentally friendly urban architecture space. With a construction density of only 32.35%, the density of trees and public services accounts for 19.3%, the remaining 2.3ha is the area of ​​regulating lakes, Crown Villas is most focused on bringing best infrastructure for residents. Each residential sub-area has a landscape and has its own nuances. In addition, traffic planning is very reasonable, suitable for each type of housing. The bustling trading area such as the shop house or the villas shop has an extensive transportation system organized as a main landscape of the Urban Area. In contrast, adjoining houses, duplex villas, single villas that require quietness and privacy have been calculated to limit the flow of vehicles and are associated with playgrounds, parks, swimming pools, and living club of each zone. A civilized and very homogeneous urban model that connects landscapes and human activities.

 Planning of the Crown Villas urban area includes residential areas, commercial centers, Gia Sang market, hotels, schools and offices. The new urban area is proudly located on the prime location in Gia Sang ward - located in the center of the city. The products of Crown Villas expected to be launched in May will bring to the market more than 600 high-class apartments with trendy products to bring to the future residents the "living as a vacation" standard.

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