Candles to remember war heroes on the 71th anniversary of War Invalids’ and Martyrs’ Day (July 27th)


Annually, on the occasion of War Invalids’ and Martyrs’ Day (July 27th), together with millions of people nationwide, members of Thai Hung Trading JSC. lighted candles at Doc Lim Cemetery, Thai Nguyen City showing deep gratitude to fallen soldiers for national independence.

The candles were lit up to recall the glorious history of the nation and commemorate the fallen soldiers who laid down their lives for national independence. The devotion and sacrifice by older generations who died for the nation’s revolution will be remembered forever.

The young generation today are indebted to the older generation, pledged to  study hard, self-improve and try the best in all positions of work, to worth the sacrifice of the heroic martyrs.

Some images at the lit candle to remember martyrs Heroes at the Doc Lim Cemetery of Thai Hung Trading JSC. Youth Union:


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