Attention to the upcoming "big" real estate projects in Thai Nguyen


DND Online - Thai Nguyen is emerging as one of the focal points of the Northern real estate market with many great projects coming soon. A wave of growth is opening up in this market with the attracted names, especially Crown Villas project.

Series of "big men" join the market

About 50km from Hanoi, Thai Nguyen is a key economic exchange center of the Northern midland and mountainous region and was once named “Thu do gio ngan” -  the center of the Northeast region of the country. Convenient transportation with Hanoi-Thai Nguyen highway, near Noi Bai airport, East-West Highway, Ring Road 5,... Thai Nguyen has full of natural and favorable  elements to become one of the economic development regions.

The development of industrial parks attracting many FDI enterprises to select Thai Nguyen to settle and many foreign experts, officials and employees choose this place as a new land to live & work, which increase housing demand in the area. This is an important factor motivating Thai Nguyen real estate market to develop. The increase in demand boosts the market for new, diverse supplies.

Crown Villas- An ideal destination for young residents

Many well-known investors have been present in Thai Nguyen with big investment decisions. Since 2018, when Bac Son road extended with a total investment of more than 2,000 billion was started, a series of large and small real estate projects have gathered here such as TMS Group, FLC, Phuc Loc, Xuan Truong ... and new names such as MiA Joint Stock Company, Loc An Real Estate Company, Danko Group...

Entering 2019, Thai Nguyen has a number of upcoming projects such as Mia Forest, Pho Yen ... Notably, project Crown Villas owned by Thai Hung Trading Joint Stock Company has attract a great attention because it is the first and only project in Thai Nguyen provide high-end real estate segment.

Providing products with 5-star quality and optimal facilities, perfect service, Crown Villas is becoming the focal point of the market, promising to be a "huge" project expected in Thai Nguyen.

Crown Villas- An ideal destination for young residents

Built on an area of ​​more than 350,000 square meters, Crown Villas brings to the tea city a high-class project, with international living standards for residents.

Crown Villas stands out from other projects in Thai Nguyen because of its distinctive design and more than 40 diverse, modern and unique utilities to ensure a comfortable life for residents. Variety of facilities such as children's play area, BBQ garden, promenade, swimming pool, children's playground, tennis court, gym, conference room, spa, library, play area in house, rainbow playground, sports playground, big square and lake, separate facilities (swimming pool, sport area ...) create a living space like vacation, unprecedented in ThaiNguyen.

The whole project is designed in neoclassical style, such as "a miniature Europe in the heart of Thai Nguyen city" with 4 sub-areas including: Iris; Helios; Hermes; Poseidon. In which, Iris will be the first area to be sold.

Iris sub-area is particularly interested by investors by owning 3 adjoining house models (semi-detached house, shophouse, shop villas) with luxurious design, diverse facilities, in accordance with the choice of many families. This sub-area is considered to be the perfect choice for young residents with school-aged children with countless services, facilities and ideal living space.

Along with Crown Villas, Thai Nguyen people will for the first time experience high quality lifestyle, not only comparable to projects in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City but also reaching out to the region and the world. This is one of the leverage factors to help the project strongly attract investors.

Crown Villas officially opened for sale in May 2016. Experts said that although new to the real estate market, Thai Hung investor knows how to conquer customers with a new and unique product, promising to create a new look for Thai Nguyen city. With the opening for sales of semi-detached house, shophouse, shop villas in Iris sub-area, Crown Villas project has created a new wave of investment in Thai Nguyen and Northern provinces.

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