Thai Hung family – Top 20 Vietnamese family company


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Forbes Vietnam recently voted Top 20 Vietnamese family company in 2019. In the list, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Thai and Mrs. Nguyen Thi Cai (Thai Hung Trading Joint Stock Company) were honored to be voted by this world leading business magazine.

According to Forbes Vietnam: Top 20 Vietnamese family company are doing businesses in 16 different areas, mostly in real estates & bank areas. There are 6 new family companies compared to the list published by the magazine 5 yeas ago. Families on the list meet the following criteria: at least 2 generations, husband & wife or many family members own & participate in the businesses, own many employees, and the company is managing and exploiting a large amount of capital goods.

Thai Hung’s businesses is in many areas currently, in which its core business is trading constructional steel, logistics services, import – export, real estates & education. Thai Hung operates in parent – subsidiary structure, in which 100% of its equity is from family members. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Cai and her husband – Mr. Nguyen Quoc Thai are Thai Hung founders. Mr. Nguyen Quoc Thai was Chairman of the Board and Mrs. Nguyen Thi Cai was Thai Hung CEO, and they officially transferred the power to their children in 2015. By now, Thai Hung's Chairman is Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan, Standing Vice Chairman of the Board is Mrs. Nguyen Thi Quy and General Director is Mrs. Nguyen Thi Vinh. Other family members in the second generation also play key roles in the company. Since the second generation being handed over the management rights, Thai Hung has made breakthroughs, processed many important changes and achieved unprecedented growth. The company respectively becomes major and strategic shareholder of 2 Vietnamese strong steel brands - VIS, TISCO. Company’s revenue has continuously grown from then and reached an average of nearly VND 18 thousand billion/year. Thai Hung's advantages are constantly strengthened. In 2018, Thai Hung continued to make new progress when joined real estate and education areas with the first luxury real estate project in Thai Nguyen.

Currently, Thai Hung also has members of the third generation continuing to contribute and work at the company to strengthen their power and conquer new heights.

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